Below are some testimonials from our amazing Mom’s and Dad’s:

Good Day Sue 

I would just like to thank the Iris-House team for the wonderful support, my son Zaeem was hospitalised last week and because of work commitments I had to work on Saturday. On very short notice Pam arranged for a carer to take care of Zaeem at home on Saturday. Zaeem simply loved Gladys, she was great.

Thank you Iris-House Team

From a very grateful mother,



Hello all

 Just once again wanted to thank and encourage you to continue what you are doing for our kids!!! I wish I had a permanent video filming everything Ruan does and his responses to things, so that the people who deserve to enjoy it can see it for themselves.

 Pam SMS’d me over the weekend telling me of the Big Boy session on 2 July and if Ruan would like to attend.  (of course I knew he would and responded positively immediately).  Now the part I wish I could share with you is his response when I told him – he gave his most excited screech, and the first thought that came to my mind was “I wish the girls at IH could see this!!!”

 So, we all need encouragement when we get tired, stressed, whatever – I just wanted to use this opportunity to reassure you once again that what you do makes a difference in my child’s life, makes me feel that you share the importance of that little human being as a full part of society, and that you do this just because you want to!!! You guys rock!!! Don’t ever forget that.

 And when life gets you down, remember this one little thing – you ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

 Love ya’all!!!!!

Sheila Belcher,

Dear Pam and Iris team

I hope this finds you inspired!I cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing for our family. It brings me into tears to know that at our time of need God is still talking to us through Iris. The food,love,care you give us really really help us,we are blessed to have known the hospice in so many ways not just with the help for our son. I feel so much gratitude and love for Iris House.

Yours in humility
Chikwendu Family (Kelechi’s people)

Dear Pam and Iris team

Thank you very much for the goodies. Much appreciated. Love and appreciate the Iris team for all the efforts, love and care you  have shown to us  since we met you.

Best regards

The Chikwendu Family

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