Community based respite sits

Registered families can request free, four hour community based respite care sits each month.  Our community based care team currently operates in the following areas:

Cape Town Northern Suburbs, Mfuleni, Vredenburg, Crossroads, Delft, Southern Suburbs, Khayelitsha.

Our sit hours:

9am – 1pm

2pm – 6pm

6pm – 10pm

We provide free community based care 7 days a week.

Allocation and frequency of sits is based on the families needs. We all know that families needs can and do change, so these are re accessed every month at our IFF Meeting. We try to give single Mom’s, actively ill children, family crises, and end of life situations priority. However this is obviously dependent on the availability of a suitable experienced carer. If a child has a history of severe seizure activity, is very heavy to move, has behavioral problems, or has a complicated care program, we will supply a senior and junior carer for the sit. We also ensure a new, carer is always accompanied by a senior carer on ALL sits until, he or she is assessed as competent.  Where possible we ensure consistency by placing the same carer with the same child on a regular basis. Our carers are there for your special needs child, if possible please provide a “baby sitter” for any well siblings. If this is not possible we will do our best to accommodate you.

The safety of our care team is very important to us. In areas where they may feel unsafe we will only offer day time care.


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