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My name is Danilo Acquisto, and I am often branded as a creative – which is true. I’m a 20-something proudly South African guy, born and bred in Jozi, but with global ambition. This ambition led me to head for the hills (and by hills I mean that one massive hill we call Table Mountain) to go and study law at the University of Cape Town.

During my second year of studies, while I was a presenter on UCT Radio, I auditioned for a youth television show called Hectic Nine-9. Lucky for me, they had just lost their “token white guy”, and so I became the new mlungu on the show. Despite having added “Television presenter” to my resume, I still finished my degree and qualified with a BA in Law and Sociology in 2012.

Fast forward 4 years (to 2014) and I now: freelance studio produce for Hectic Nine-9; I have presented their daily live show as one of the lead anchors; have started and sold my first company (an online magazine); am a development producer for Okuhle Media. In addition to all of this, and something I am extremely proud of, is that I was offered my own radio show on Good Hope Fm. I accepted, and as of April 2014 I have been hosting Sunday Lunch With Danilo every Sunday between 12 and 3pm. How exciting? You should tune in sometime.

When I’m not on your radio or TV screen, I frequently MC for events and do voice work – both of which I enjoy a lot. I have done work for Panarottis and MC’d at the V&A Waterfront and CTICC. I am a firm believer in constantly growing oneself and attempting the impossible, which is why I am always exploring new ventures, opportunities and avenues, whether it’s in terms of my career, the online media space, or the business and entrepreneurial space. Getting involved with the community and making a difference is also something that is high on my agenda, which is why I am a Core Team member in the LifeTeen program at my church, St Michaels, and through this, I find myself talking at many charity events to share my story of hope. I also sit on the board of a youth organisation called Life Choices.

Why Iris House
For over 30 years my mother’s family struggled with my uncle who suffered from Prader Willi syndrome. Special needs has always been part of my home and my heart. Meeting Sue and a few children from the hospice in studio was life changing. The love this one girl showed me (and continued to show me) was priceless. I could see the exhaustion from her parents through their smiles and to know that Iris House was providing respite for some of these parents warmed my heart. I couldn’t help but get involved. I am a very busy person but I always find myself making time for Iris House – whether it be MCing their functions or assisting with AVs. They have welcomed me and made me part of the family and I cannot wait to see where else I can contribute.

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