Happy 10th Birthday Nana

Nana is not a typical Iris House Child. He has no syndrome; he is not Autistic. But he is very special. Nana is paralysed from his waist down after he tried to defend his Mom from a gunman. His Mom was killed in the attack; Nana was shot twice in the spine. One year and 3 weeks ago, our care team manager Zintle found Nana on the streets in Khaylistsh. She was very concerned as Nana was all on his own. She asked if she could see where he lived, and he lead her back to the shack he shared with his two sisters. Neither of them was there as both were still attending school.

Nana was brought into our hospice, and we did a full check of his body, only to discover horrible life-threatening pressure sores.  This was the beginning of our journey with Nana. He has since had two operations, two skin graphs, spent time in Western Cape Rehab and a foster home.

January we finally got him into a school with residential care, who were able to care for him properly. He is now at school during the week and with his aunt on weekends.

Saturday the 28th of May we held a birthday party for him at the hospice, we did the same thing last year but at his hospital bed in Karl Bremmer. As you can imagine this birthday was far more fun. We kitted out Nana with his school uniform, purchased him stationary, backpack, etc. and also bought him some other clothing. His tablet, donated last year by a wonderful supporter got broken at the rehab centre; we had this fixed and gave it back to him at the event.

Nana had a super fun afternoon at the hospice with his sisters. We really can’t believe how much his grown and are so pleased with how happy and healthy he is. He will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we will always be there for him and his sisters.

We would also like to thank Detlev and his wife for their donation and gifts for Nana

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