The Iris House 1000 people who care page

Below is the list of names of all of the public donors who have donated R100 or more towards the care of Special Needs Children.



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Donation List

  1. Tracy Winde R100 donated 22 June 2016 (Thank you, Tracy, for starting the ball rolling)
  2. Ernestine Braaf R100 donated 27th June 2016 (Thank you Ernestine your support is very appreciated) 

  3. Lizette Luz /J vanRensberg transferred R1000 into our account on the 29th of June (Thank you so much WOW this is amazing)

  4. Wendy and Johanne Moller brought in their R1250 donation for 100’s and 1000’s on Sunday the 3rd of July and had a tour of our hospice (Thank you so much to you both we welcome you to our family)
  5. Sontraal Trefoil Guild thank you for your wonderful donation of R800 (so many people who care!)
  6. Lilian Kruger thank you so much for reacting to our email so positively and donating R100

  7. Adelle Gabriel, WOW thank you Adelle, for reacting to our email and for the donation of R100 

  8. Vionne Tregurtha thank you Vionne for responding to our email call and for your speedy donation of R100 

  9. Caroline de Jongh thank you so much for reaching our to Iris House and for your donation of R100

  10. Diane Stratton thank you for being an Iris House friend since we meet you way back when and for your donation of R100 

  11. Lilian Kruger the first person to react to our 100’s and 1000’s email appeal. Thank you Lilian for caring and for your donation of R100 

  12. Mrs Marina van Rijswijk thank you so much for your donation of R100 – you make a difference.

  13. Mev A Grabiel, baie dankie vir u ondersteuning.R100 dankie
  14. Titilayo Adedokun-Helm a long time friend of Iris House and performer at our Ball has donated R300. Thank you Titilayo 

  15. Quinton Ivan has donated R1000 towards are challenge. Thank you Quinton, we so appreciate your reaching out to Iris House. 

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