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Iris House has put in a proposal to the Western Cape DSD – Child Protection unit to train current foster parents and safe houses on how to care for special needs children. Although the children’s act does not discriminant between special needs children and “normal” children needing a place of safety, the reality is that most foster parents and homes are reluctant to do so due to lack of training and equipment. The proposal was submitted to the DSD on the 16th of July 2014, and we eagerly await feedback from them  Ultimately a safe house is needed for special needs children at risk, who need to be removed from unsuitable or abusive homes and who are unable to be placed in a full-time care facility.

We aim to provide a safe temporary environment for up to 6 children who are at risk in their own homes.

We wish to work with social workers to identify such children and to assist in the fostering process or reintegration into the home where possible. 

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