Legacy Donation – Yvonne Davids

Iris House Children’s Hospice received their first legacy donation from the late  Yvonne Davids, who sadly passed on 13 August 2015 at the age of 66 from breast cancer.  She was the great aunt of Adam Davids and an Iris House child. 

She was born and lived in Johannesdal, Pniel. She was an active member of the Congregational church in Pniel, always participating in events and special unions.

Yvonne was very passionate about children. She was the senior headmaster of the boys and girls brigade, and ballroom instructor from her younger days.

She had a very caring heart and even through her illness, she never complained and always gave her best to others. Being a selfless person, after her niece Michelle Perrins, whom she loved dearly passed away in May 2006 of cancer at the age of 10 years old, immediately after that in July 2006 she established the Dwars River Valley “Hoping is Coping” a cancer support group. She was a KANSA volunteer, member of the Relay Committee. She always sought opportunities to help and get involved in initiatives that will impact the lives of others.  As her attachment to Michelle, she was very attached to Adam and always wanted the best for him.  She wanted him, and children like him, to always have the best of care by people who are passionate about what they do where the children are concerned.

She was never married, and had no children of her own, and for most of her working life she worked at an insurance company called African Life, but for the last ten years as an invigilator at UNISA. She did not have many possessions, as her focus was on her drive to help others. Of the little that she had, a little Toyota Corolla 1992 and a few furnishers and kitchen utensils, she could only think but to leave it, after her passing, to continue to support that which she was truly passionate about. So, she left the proceeds of her ‘bigger’ assets to Iris House and others whom she cared dearly about.

Iris House would like to thank Yvonne for her generosity and caring. Your donation of R16,000.00 will assist us to continue our free hospice and community-based for our special children. You have a special place in our hearts. 

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