Needs List 2017

Needs List 2017

Below is an itemised list of our current needs. If you would like to assist with any of these items please contact our office on info@iris-house. org or 021 910 1578

Thank you !

Community Care

Sports bags – for carer medical items

Small black plastic box for carer toy boxes

Carer uniforms



Face cloths


Small hand gels

Light up balls

Good quality wooden puzzles


Nappies sizes 5 and 6 plus small adult

Crawl tunnel

Plastic table cloth for playroom

Bean Bags (large)

Bright scarves

Cleaning materials : Handy Andy / sunlight liquid / Dishwasher tablets / Auto washing powder / floor cleaner /  disinfectant / hand wash / wipes gloves / disinfecting wipes / sugar / coffee / tea / long life milk / porridge / frozen meals


Bedding – single and double

Colored light for ceiling

Plastic trays for play (cat litter trays)

Material to make bibs for children

Plastic chairs adult size

Tiles for staff room

Electricity to staff tea room

Play sand for sand pit

Bath Chair for wet room

Tool set for our maintenance


Equine Therapy Program

Oat hay



Riding Caps

Riding clothing

Hay Nets in good condition

Balance – feed



Saddles (Australian stock saddles 16 or 16.5)

Training Room

Interactive white board

Training tables and chairs

Plastic chairs

Fold up tables


Printer / ink

Hard cover note books for delegates


Flip chart paper

Flip chart pens



Copy paper

Ink Cannon MX474


Message pads

Achieve boxes

Office desks

Office chairs

Blinds for sliding glass doors

Filling cupboard x 2


Air-conditioning unit

Hospice Grounds

White / Purple / Blue / Green paint

Driveway bricks


Exterior lighting

Plastic storage boxes (clear) for donated items

Koi for our water feature

Plants for sensory garden (herbs, lavender, lemon grass)


Compost aggregate powder

Grass squares for lawns

Garden tools

Hosepipe reel

Outdoor table and chairs

Wind chimes

Garden ornaments (gnomes)

Sun catchers

Pruning shears

















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