Living Hospice

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Hospice?

I bet its not this...Or this...Or this...
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Iris House would like to introduce you to our concept of a “Living Hospice”

Our aim is to create a support structure for our families both in the community by way of community sits and at our new hospice premises. Our vision is not that of traditional Hospice. We aim to provide a place where children are encouraged to reach their full potential, however limited that may be. We aim to make Iris House a place where children can attend day sessions, overnight care and short respite periods, a home away from home,
Using play therapy, music therapy activity days, we aim to bring fun and laughter into the lives of our children.

Our care service is based around the needs of the whole family, so as well as caring for the child and young person, we plan activities for siblings and support for parents. Our services are free of charge as we believe quality care and respite is not a luxury for a select few but a necessity. We want to make a real difference to families who find themselves in unimaginable circumstances. Helping them live life to the full by providing opportunities for fun and laughter, as well as helping them through the tougher times.

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