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Our Story

 On August 2013 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, whom although born 27 weeks premature, he was already showing a fighting spirit that would be endlessly put to test throughout his 124 days in NICU.

Then in January 2014, we received the news that he exhibits signs of cerebral palsy. Shock does not begin to explain what that moment felt like, on top of the confusion of not really understanding the diagnosis itself. From that moment on, we had to readjust our thinking on literally the entire life that we thought we would have. It almost seemed that all hope was lost, from that moment that we started to fully comprehend what struggles our little boy would face on a daily basis. Google is not your friend.

As we settled into the world of physiotherapy, speech therapy, neurology, eye specialists, etc. We got put in touch with one mom of twins with cerebral palsy, who then referred us to this wonderful organization called Iris-House. She would not stop gushing over it, and with good reason.

 Iris House has been of assistance to us in ways that we could not begin to fully express. When you have no one else to look after your child, and creche is not really an option. Those community sits really come in useful. I will never forget the day our nanny took ill suddenly and both my husband and I could not afford to take the day off from work. We were blessed with a sitter that not only gave us the opportunity to sort out the unexpected chaos, but also made our child smile & laugh for the entire day. A smile & laugh from any child is special, but for a child who can barely fully control his body to clearly communicate what he feels, a smile & laugh is beyond heartfelt, and for that we are forever grateful for that wonderful memory that Iris House gave us. Iris House has also shown us that we are not alone in this journey with our son, and for that fact alone. We are beyond thankful that we found them.

 Warm Regards,