The Trieste Charter

Iris House has adopted the Trieste Charter on The rights of the dying child—
  • To be considered a person until death irrespective of age, location, illness, and care setting
  • To receive effective treatment for pain, and physical and psychological symptoms causing suffering through qualified, comprehensive, and continuous care
  • To be listened to and properly informed about his or her illness with consideration for his or her wishes, age, and ability to understand
  • To participate, on the basis of his or her abilities, values and wishes, in care choices about his or her life, illness, and death
  • To express and, whenever possible, have his or her feelings, wishes, and expectations taken into account
  • To have his or her cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs respected and receive spiritual care and support in accordance with his or her wishes and choices
  • To have a social and relational life suitable to his or her age, illness, and expectations
  • To be surrounded by family members and loved ones who are adequately supported and protected from the burden of the child’s illness
  • To be cared for in a setting appropriate for his or her age, needs, and wishes and that allows the proximity of the family
  • To have access to child-specific palliative-care programmes that avoid futile or excessively burdensome practices and therapeutic abandonment
The charter will have achieved its purpose when every individual caring for a dying child will be capable of staying near the child until the last moments of his or her life, prepared to accept his or her death, ensuring both respect and dignity.

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