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Who Are The Compassionate Friends.

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Everybody agrees it is against the natural order in life to lose a child; we are not supposed to bury our children.
Parents who lose their children feel that there is nobody that can completely understand the devastating grief other than another parent who has been through the same.
The Compassionate Friends is a nonprofit, worldwide organization made up of parents, siblings, and grandparents who have experienced the loss of a child / children. We are all in different stages of grieving and have lost our children of various ages and through many different circumstances, from illness, accidental, drug abuse, stillbirth, miscarriage, suicide, HIV/AIDS and all others.

In a country where the mortality rate of children is so high, and the cost of professional psychologist help is out of the financial reach of most families we are fulfilling a vital role in our society.
The Cape Town Chapter of TCF offers one-on-one and group support, where understanding and compassion are our primary focus. Group meetings are held once per month at various venues, and the bereaved can attend one or all of these meetings to help and support them through the grieving process.
Through talks and training, we endeavour to enlighten the community of the devastating effects that the loss of a child has on the individual parents and family. We offer no-charge education to hospitals (all departments), schools, funeral parlours, police, paramedics, government departments, businesses and all other interested parties.

Through these talks we hope to assist the individuals who interact with the bereaved persons to understand the process, to know what is helpful and what is not, what to say and what is hurtful.

To contact Compassionate Friends, please email or go directly to their website.



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