Mandela Day – 67 Minutes 18th July

We hope that this Mandela Day you will consider assisting Iris House Children’s Hospice as your 67 minutes project. We have a broad range of items and hands-on projects for you to choose from. Please contact our office on or Natalie on 021 910 1578. Monday the 18th of July is a working day for Iris House which means our playroom will be filled with happiness and children. If you would like to bring a group to visit us please contact us first so we can avoid disturbing the flow of the playroom and the daily program as much as possible.

Below is our needs list – you are welcome to contact us with any ideas


Iris House Children’s Hospice – Need’s List updated April 2016

Iris House Children’ Hospice, continues to grow to meet the demand for our free respite care services in the Western Cape. However as with any expansion, we are experiencing increased overheads and demand for new items. We pride ourselves in not just relying on Government funding, which already constitutes 42% of our expenses. We aim to be as self-sustaining as possible and are always looking for new partnerships and innovative ways to raise funds.

For those who have so generously supported us in the past, we thank you and encourage you to stay with us on our journey to improve the lives of Special Needs Children and their families. For those new to Iris House we ask that you consider our needs list below and assist where you can. This Mandela Day 18th July presents a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life


Picket fencing around vegetable and herb patch (our lovely sheep likes the taste of our flowers and produce)
Nappies – large children’s any brand or small adult sizes
Tinned food items
Sods of grass for our bare areas
Outdoor play equipment
New plants for our gardens
Oat hay bales for our pony and horse (we use 12 bales per month)
10% feed for our pony and horse (we use 4 x 40kg bags per month)
Wheelchair friendly round -a- bout
Basket swing outdoor play equipment
Bridge for wheelchair path in sensory garden
Painting of our container with a forest theme
Mirrors for our sensory garden wall
Arch for our sensory garden
Various OT equipment for our proposed OT Room
Hoist for our therapy pool
Building of OT and therapy pool room
Cover for courtyard between office and house – so we can use this space all year round
Garden shed for tool storage
Small Dishwasher to ensure items are cleaned properly in the kitchen
Pavers for wheelchair friendly paths around hospice building
Paddock fencing for 3rd camp
Razor wire for our walls
More external lighting and passives for our grounds
Tiles / Vinyl for our kitchen floor
A stretch tent or large marquee for our events on the property
Office chairs
Training chairs for our training room
Training room tables
Overhead projector
Dvd’s / CD’s for our Playroom
Electric suction machine
Towels for playroom and overnight rooms
Food hampers (nonperishable) – nappies (small adult diapers)
Windmills for our sensory garden
Demonstration training dummy for training of gastrostomy’s, tracheotomy.’

Volunteers to assist with care of our animals and grounds on weekends

Building of OT room and therapy pool extension at Hospice
Building of new reception area to be manned by wheelchair user
Plumbing and electrical work for OT and therapy pool room
Building of separate entrance and bathroom with shower for Rainbow Room (end of life room)
Repairs to our walls

If you choose to set up a monthly debit order you may consider the following:


– R50 per month provides a family with a basic toiletry hamper for the month

– R110 per month provides a family with a basic food hamper for the month

R120 per month provides a family with one pack of nappies/ adult diapers per month
R200 per month provides the hospice with arts and crafts for the month for play sessions
– R350 per month provides transport for three children to come to hospice for a care session

R 360 per month provides a four-hour community-based sit for a family per month
R 620 per month provides an eight-hour hospice based full day session for a child per month
R 800 per month provides the hospice with the food needed for lunch and snacks for the children
R2000 per month provides the salary for our stable hand
R4500 per month provides the salary for a full-time carer
R11,000.00 per month provides the salary for a part time nurse

Become the main sponsor of our Christmas in July fundraising event +- R30,000.00

Become the main sponsor of our Family Year End event held in December +- R40,000.00
Become the main sponsor of our Mothers Day – Queen for the day events held in the Northern suburbs, Mfuleni and Vreedenberg +- R10,000.00
Become a sibling day sponsor +- R5,000
For more details or to book a visit on the 18th of July please contact us on or call Natalie on 021 910 1578

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