Vision Medical and Dental Suite

Some six months ago, Iris House received a visit from Doctor Yusaf Da Costa. After a tour of our hospice building and grounds. Dr Da Costa explained the VMS concept to Sue van der Linde. Sue was, to say the least VERY pleasantly surprised at the fantastic service and care being offered free of charge to Iris House children and other children with special needs.


Sue explained “Dr Yusaf understood the massive issues our parents had getting their child’s dental care done. There are often very long +- 2-year waiting lists for special needs children to have their teeth attended to at government hospitals, as sedation is necessary even for a clean and scale. Families who are lucky enough to have medical aids also discover that the additional costs of sedation etc aren’t covered, and they just can’t afford the treatments needed.”

In short Vision Medical Suite is performing much needed dental work for special needs children registered with Iris House at no charge. They perform all procedures under sedation with anesthetists, nurses and qualified dentist on hand. Vision Medical is also supporting our parents with free visit’s to their psychologist as needed.

dentist chair

One of our Iris House children needed a particular procedure that Dr Yusaf did not feel comfortable doing in the chair at their Sunday sedation session. No problem to the dynamic Vision Medical Team, they went out of their way and booked the child for the procedure at a hospital Dr Yusaf works from – at no cost to his very grateful family

Iris House is in the process of completing their overnight care application and once again Vision Medical has come to our rescue with GP’s on call for the evening sessions as well as assistance with nurses. ALL of these services are 100% free.

On visiting a sedation, Sunday Sue was surprised to hear that the essential equipment, dental chairs, sterilised equipment and directional posters needed for each session are not permanently housed at the Ihata shelter. ALL these items are brought in by the Vision Medical Suite staff on a Friday evening. It takes them the best part of the weekend to set up the clinic and way into the night on a Sunday to pack it away again.

doc VMS

Iris House has made a commitment to assist Vison Medical to find a permanent place to host their dentist and medical clinics and are going to be helping with the process of applying for building space on the Stikland North property.

The clinic also offers male circumcision, ear nose and throat treatment, psychology and physiotherapy services. The space they are currently working in is tiny and the setup and breakdown very labour intensive.

Despite these challenges. Vision Medical deliver a fantastic service with an extremely high standard of hygiene and care. “It is not often one finds medical professionals with the drive and dedication the Vision Medical Team has to improve the lives of those less fortunate.” There is no flashy reception area with this month’s Vogue magazine on a coffee table, there is no high heeled receptionist, but what you will find is true compassion, care and dedication by an incredible team of professionals. From the friendly greeting at the registraion area to the caring assistants who, hand out lunches and help parents fill out the neccessary forms.

Thank you, Vision Medical Suite for everything you do for our Iris House Children and their families. We will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a permanent home for your clinic.

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