Achievement Awards 


On Saturday the 2oth of August. Two of the Iris House Children’s Hospice care team members were honoured for their outstanding commitment and going way more than the extra mile in the course of their duties.

Nomaindia Mpitola:  One of our Mfuleni Mom’s was ill.  To give her some respite care we brought her child into the hospice for a daycare session, but while the child was with us, Mom was admitted to hospital. Nomaindia was the child’s carer for the day. Despite our best efforts, no other caregiver could be found at the child’s home.  We did not know what to do. Nomaindia quietly told us, not to worry; she would take the child into her home for the rest of the week (four days).  What makes this act of caring even more amazing is that Nomaindia has two special needs, (autistic children) of her own, but she did not hesitate to find space for one more and to take the child into her home. This severally cerebral palsy child was in good hands. Thank you Nomaindia you typify everything that Iris House stands for 

Thantaswa Mandoyi:  Also from the Mfuleni Care Team was at a hospice session in early August.  ER 24 was called to assess a sick child. After examination, he was taken in the ambulance to Karl Bremmer Hospital,  His carer for the day was Thantaswa who as per our child safety procedure went with the child to the hospital. The child was suffering from a severe lung infection and was admitted. However, despite all our efforts we could not contact the child’s Mum. When we did she told us she was unable to get to the hospital that evening. Thantaswa decided to stay with the Child all night, so he would not be scared. Thantaswa did not leave until Mom could be there the next day. She has her own children and a loving husband at home. However, she sacrificed her family time to put this child needs first. Thank you Thantaswa you make us so proud to have you on our care team.