Charity Number: 2011/004180/08 - NPO Number: 126-228 - PBO Number: 930043067 021 910 1578

Doggy Day Care Workshop


Puppylove Daycare is a doggie crèche and we will soon be joining forces with Iris House. Five Austistic Young Adults from Iris House will be accompanied by their own carer and taught how to interact with the dogs and puppies, assist with play time, keep water bowls full, give great brushes and enjoy the company of mans best friend. Each “employee” will also receive monthly renumeration for their hard work. Providing them with purpose, stimulation, companionship and a feeling of self worth. There is no charge to Iris House families to join the program however for our first year we can only assist five young adults. 

If you would like to assist us in getting the project off the ground then scroll down for our needs list 

As a Doogy Day Care , our aim is to socialise and exercise your best friend while you are at work. For a dog, there is nothing better than spending time with his own kind. It is reported that dogs that play in a pack like Puppylove are more obedient and relaxed in the home environment, and also gets used to all kinds of different dogs, which makes them better socialised at home.

Puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes are allowed as all dogs get tested for aggression on their first day, so the dogs in daycare are socialised and playful. In winter, we will have a full sheltered area with warm beds. We have constant supervision and each dog gets personal attention daily. We love dogs and will always put them first!

The owner of Puppylove Daycare, Carmia Le Roux, is a passionate animal lover, who has been working with animals from a very young age. After finishing school, she decided to qualify herself so she could understand her canine friends better by doing a Basic Dog Behaviour course in 2008, finishing it with an award of Best Practice. To qualify herself further, Carmia has completed the Hills Veterinary Nutrition Adviser courses. This means she can give you good advice on what to feed your best friend to keep him fit and healthy for longer. She also completed the Advanced Dog behaviour course in 2010, which fully qualifies her to train dogs at a professional level. Your best friend is in good hands!

If you are interested in letting your dog join our pack, please email Carmia on:

Carmia Le Roux
076 637 3733
Qualified dog behaviourist


+- 400 Metres of Walling (preferable solid) not fence

Gates x 2 – Double gate system  (so our young adults and their furry friends are safe)

An electrian and plumber to assist us in connecting the power on the ground to our unit

Volunteers to hep us clean up the property and level some of the ground

Metal Fencing

Metal roof sheeting

Shade cloth

Dog Toys

Dog Beds

Poop Scoops

Dog Bowls

Old blankets for bedding

Old mattress for winter quarters

Doggie Treats

Should you be interested in assisting with ANY of the above please contact Sue on or 910 1578