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The Collar Club – Doggy Day Care – Protected Workshop




Iris House has opened its very own doggie crèche / doggy daycare.  The protective workshop is aimed at Autistic, high-functioning young adults (over 18) registered with Iris House. They are taught how to interact with the dogs and puppies, and assist with playtime, keep water bowls full, give great brushes and enjoy the company of man’s best friend. Each “employee” will also receive monthly remuneration, in the form of a stipend for their hard work. Providing them with purpose, stimulation, companionship, and a feeling of self-worth. There is no charge to Iris House families to join the program however for our first year we can only assist five young adults. The main aim of the program is to prepare young adults for “real” jobs in the mainstream workplace. Please contact our Social Worker Richard should you wish to enroll your son or daughter in the program.

As a Doggy Day Care, our aim is to socialize and exercise your best friend while you are at work. For a dog, there is nothing better than spending time with his own kind. It is reported that dogs that play in a pack like our dogs at doggy daycare are more obedient and relaxed in the home environment, and also get used to all kinds of different dogs, which makes them better socialized.

Puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes are allowed as all dogs get tested for aggression on their first day, so the dogs in daycare are socialized and playful. In winter, we will have a full sheltered area with warm beds. We have constant supervision and each dog gets personal attention daily. We love dogs and will always put them first!

Our Daycare manager, Clinton August, is a passionate animal lover, he is overseen by our CEO Sue van der Linde who has been working with animals from a very young age. Sue has trained the Iris House therapy dog, Alfred, to KUSA standards, and has furthermore been able to adapt his training to work with special needs children, Sue has also completed serval dog training courses and dog behavior courses. She is passionate about ensuring your best friend is socialized, confident, and able to handle challenging situations. As part of our service, Sue offers free training to any dog enrolled in the Collar Club

Address: House 11 Stikland Estate, Stikland Estate 59 Old Paarl Road
Entrance off Old Paarl Road, Bellville

P.O. Box 15470

Phone: 021 9101 578 / 021 910 0539  OR 0839377517