During December a donation of R16,156.00. was received by Iris House Children’s Hospice. December is by far the most demanding month of the year for Iris House both financially and in terms of work load. The monies could not have come at a better time and greatly assisted Iris House to be able to put on extra respite sessions over the festive season, giving exhausted parents some much needed time off.  The only clue as to where the donation had come from was a name on the bank statement and the fact that is was paid in Dollars.  The name was Donna Jade Dederding

The management of Iris House did not recognise the name at all as a supporter and began an online search to find the generous donor. In January Iris House made contact with Donna via Facebook. After thanking her Sue van der Linde Founder of Iris House asked Donna why she had selected Iris House as a beneficiary.

Donna shared her story “Dear Sue, thank you so much for getting in touch! My dad passed away of cancer 2 years ago and we spent his last month in a hospice together. Since then I donate money every year to different hospices around the world. I researched and came across your wonderful work and just wanted to support you ?. I think the work you do is amazing and absolutely inspiring. During my next visit to South Africa I will definitely pass by and visit.”

We are so thrilled that Donna selected Iris House, with so many other worthy hospice’s to choose from, it really makes us feel that we are doing a good job and above all making a difference in the lives of special needs children and their families.

On behalf of the staff and families of Iris House Children’s Hospice I would like to thank Donna for her generous donation and extend an open invitation to visit our Hospice. You have shown us once again that there are amazing people out there, who genuinely care about the well being of other’s . Thank you!