“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela


Join Iris House this Mandela Day and make a significant difference. We have set out projects and also below a needs list, so you can choose the activity or donation that is right for you or your company. We hope to see you at our hospice or workshop on the 18 July

Activities: Hospice

  1. Build a new fidget board for our Sensory Garden: Team size  4 people – what is needed: See this link as an example of what we are looking for, and also the items you will need.  Remember this is an outdoor board so items on it need to be durable. You will need to bring the Board and items and assemble at the hospice. We have a drill etc to assist you
  2. Paint our indoor / outdoor play are with a garden theme. We have closed in the space between the hospice and our admin buildings so on rainy day we can still play outside. The area has artificial grass, lots of plants plus obviously toys, sandpit and piano for our children. However we would love to complete the look and feel of the area by creating a garden on the walls. – Skill set (able to draw and paint) –  Team size 4 – 6 people – What you will need to bring paint, brushes, turps, your amazing imagination. See this link as an example of what we are looking for (but please use your imagination as well)
  3. Sand and seal our wooden benches: We have 6 wooden benches that need to be re sanded and re sealed – Team size 4-6 – Items needed electric sander /s , extension cords, wood sealer.
  4. Painting of our wooden picket sheep fence – Team size 2-4. What is needed, different colour paint that will work on wood, paint brushes, turps nice bright colours that will make the fence look less boring. If you want to get some creative ideas check this out
  5. Repaint our hopscotch on our front ramp. Team size 2-3 – What is needed, masking tape, base colour paint (purple, green or blue) that will work on concrete, black paint for numbers, white paint for blocks. (outdoor paint), brushes, turps.
  6. Repaint our compost bins (wood) bright colours with maybe some art? – Team Size 2-4 – Whats needed, bright paints that will work on wood (outside) brushes, rollers, turps, sandpaper
  7. Put power in our main container and teff shed. In Winter we still need to have our horses feed by 7am. This is difficult as we have no power in our tack contain and our teff shed, and its normally pretty dark in both places – Team Size 2-4 (MUST be qualified electrician  ) We really cant have our teff room burning down, teff is highly flammable – What is needed, Wiring, light fittings x2
  8. Paint our Facet boards a nice bright colour – Team size 2 – What is needed, bight colours, paint brushes (roller) Very long ladder (let us know if this is your project and we will hire one for you)

Workshop – Doggy Day Care

This is still a VERY new project for us and we need TONS of help at our second site. Our hospice always needs tweaking but our Workshop needs some serious work done.

  1. Paint walls at Doggy Day Care with anything Doggy related. Team Size 4-6 – Whats needed – Paint suitable for concert walls, Paint brushes, an artist type
  2. Re paint our dog houses/tyres and add an agility course, tunnel and Wobble board (click on word to see example – Whats needed bright coloured paint, paint brushes, turps, sandpaper, -For Tunnel – empty drums (metal) with ends cut out, Wobble Board – ix plywood – piece of non slip rubber.
  3. Imitation Grass. We have a dire need for someone to donate more imitation grass as the area is either muddy or dusty. Team size: 2-4
  4. Laying driveway bricks (and chipping old ones) Team size: 6-10 – Whats needed Trowel for chipping off old grout, fine sand for laying, paving grout. “Caution hard work and some skill involved” –  We had a very kind donor who donated us his entire (large) old driveway. This now needs to be laid outside the wooden office and accommodation block at our workshop as currently this is just dust or mud depending on the weather. We also want to lay pathways.

Needs list

Hospice / Home based Respite Care

Disposable Gloves

Nappies – large and adult diapers small, medium and large

Washing powder – automatic machine

Handy Andy

Furniture polish


Air Freshener

Wet Wipes

Black bags

Toilet paper

Paper for our printer

Toys for our playroom

Clothing for the whole family

Tinned and non perishable food eg Soups, rice, pap

For our Therapy Horses


Teff – for our therapy horses

Oathay – for our therapy horses

Stable bedding/ shavings – To keep our horses warm

Sponsor a farrier visit (every 6 weeks) R1100

Sponsor dewormer R220 per horse every 3 months