What you can expect from our service.

At Iris House we promise our families a quality care service, built on medical best practise. Our carers undergo two days intensive theoretical training, followed by up to six weeks practical training. Carers are police cleared and hold a level one first aid certificate, our senior carers hold a level three first aid certificate. Our care service is available in the form of four hour community based sits and hospice day and overnight sessions.

Community sits take place in the comfort of your own home. Our community carers will arrive at your home in uniform and equipped with a medical kit and appropriate toys, they would of already have been briefed on your child’s needs and any relevant safety information. Each hour spent with your child will be accurately documented by the carer and left in your child’s home care file. To book a community carer please contact your care team manager during office hours Monday to Friday on 021 9101 578

Hospice Day / Overnight sessions take place on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturdays. Additional sessions are added during school holidays. The weekday sessions are from 9am till 4pm and Saturday is from 9am till 1pm. All sessions at the hospice our overseen by our registered Nurse, each child has his or her own carer. The hospice follows a structured play and stimulation program which includes our Imagination Station program, sensory room, equine therapy, outdoor play, arts and crafts and massage.


Good Day Sue 

I would just like to thank the Iris-House team for the wonderful support, my son Zaeem was hospitalised last week and because of work commitments I had to work on Saturday. On very short notice Pam arranged for a carer to take care of Zaeem at home on Saturday. Zaeem simply loved Gladys, she was great.

Thank you Iris-House Team

From a very grateful mother,




Iris House Mom

Hello all

 Just once again wanted to thank and encourage you to continue what you are doing for our kids!!! I wish I had a permanent video filming everything Ruan does and his responses to things, so that the people who deserve to enjoy it can see it for themselves.

 Pam SMS’d me over the weekend telling me of the Big Boy session on 2 July and if Ruan would like to attend.  (of course I knew he would and responded positively immediately).  Now the part I wish I could share with you is his response when I told him – he gave his most excited screech, and the first thought that came to my mind was “I wish the girls at IH could see this!!!”

 So, we all need encouragement when we get tired, stressed, whatever – I just wanted to use this opportunity to reassure you once again that what you do makes a difference in my child’s life, makes me feel that you share the importance of that little human being as a full part of society, and that you do this just because you want to!!! You guys rock!!! Don’t ever forget that.

 And when life gets you down, remember this one little thing – you ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

 Love ya’all!!!!!

Sheila Belcher

Iris House Mom

Dear Pam and Iris team

I hope this finds you inspired!I cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing for our family. It brings me into tears to know that at our time of need God is still talking to us through Iris. The food,love,care you give us really really help us,we are blessed to have known the hospice in so many ways not just with the help for our son. I feel so much gratitude and love for Iris House.

Yours in humility

Chikwendu Family

Iris House Family

Dear Sue, Debra and Marleen all the other Carers 

Thank you so much for giving us time in Saturday to spend time with Riordan and Lorcan.

A special thank you for having Isabella and Cillian Quinn today for play therapy.

They were so well cared for. I like the info sheets we received telling us all about what they ate and did. Thank you.

 A very thorough and safe environment. I could relax knowing my children were in brilliant hands.

We appreciate everything you do for us. The Hospice is looking so smart and professional. 

Love always 

Justin Quin

Iris House Mom

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I read your letter with tears in my eyes. For parents like me who constantly worries about the caregiving of my child your letter comes as a huge aid and warms my heart to know that I’m not alone in this battle but there is people out there to support a parent like me.

Million thanks.Kind Regards

Louisa Botha

Iris House Mom

Your community sits does a world of good in our home. It gives us the opportunity to spend some alone time with our daughter, Channing. Suzanne is amazing!!!! We don’t have to tell her how to do things with Adam she just knows how and he is so at ease with her. It puts us as parents at eas knowing Adam is good hands.Thanks once again for everything you do. No matter how small it makes a huge impact on us as a family and more important on Adam. JOB WELL DONE!!!

Adams Family

Iris House Family

“Hi Shakira I am impressed with Stacey’s hospice house visit today,  got right with her that I could not eg cut her nails, brush her teeth, wash her hair and blow dry, thanks?


Iris House Dad

Hi Shakira! I wanted to say thank you so very much for the special day on Saturday, michael was super chuffed (we did not open his gift yet,told him it needs to go under the tree lol????)  but he had a magical time at iris house as usual and it just makes me remember a time when I could only dreamed of him feeling so loved and wanted and it was just me filling that void. Thank you so much to everyone:) I hope everyone has a wonderful year end break surrounded by joys and loved ones and memories for a lifetime????????

Michaels Mom

Iris House Mom

The work, love and generosity of Iris House and its volunteers warms my heart

Karen Theys


Hello guys ❤️ ……. I would like to this moment to thank you for everything you have done for me …. I was Empty until I found a home which was Iris house ….. Ever since you guys came to my life …my life has changed into better life … staff members of Iris house are so loving, caring  , kind, humble and supportive……. they have been my strength when I lost my power… they have given me hope when I lost one …. support group sessions did help me a lot and I can actually say I have become stronger than before…now I have hope and thanks to u guys ….. I hope you guys can continue doing gud things for other family members who are not able to provide for their families … once again thank you for the goods …may God continue blessing you guys … because your hearts are pure …..thank you so much????❤

Nombubalo Ndamane


Good morning Nolu. Hope ur alright. I am also fine on this side. Can’t talk about the tiredness of traveling but we came back safe and the work at home was done well and successfully. Woow IRIS is wonderful. I don’t have words to say. I wish I can stand on a mountain and shout with all my voice and tell everybody who is listening how great You people are. I have never seen such kindness, love, and responsibility that you have shown me. The kindness u give me is more than I expected even more than what my family is giving. You looked after my angel so well. When I came back my baby was full of smiles to show that she was looked after properly. She was happy like I was there for the weekend which shows that she was looked after very nice. I am very thankful to IRIS as a whole. And please tell those beautiful ladies that were here, that I m very thankful. May God bless them. I’m very proud of IRIS. May God bless U all and grant U whatever your heart desires. Pass my appreciation to everyone there. I’m thankful to all of you guys with all my whole heart. U are special. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lihles mother.

Lihles mother


Thank you IRIS HOUSE for all you’ve done for my boys, Alizwa ebengafuni nohamba sana bekumnandi kakhulu. Asiyonto guys ngaphandle kwenu nisisbusiso kuthi nakwintsana zethu intle into eniyenzayo sisNolu neteam yakho yhuuu. Enkosi bethuna nange food parcel  —❤️



I wanted to thank you for calling and having Tracy come over to house sit with Enele yesterday.
I was silently laughing to myself because when you called, there was no real need for her to come apart from giving our nanny a break. And then as life goes, by the time Tracy did arrive. We were on emergency mode because our nanny had to be taken to the dentist for an abscess, and both my husband and I had to work. So it was a blessing in disguise. Thank you.
Enele seemed to have really enjoyed himself with her. He couldn’t stop smiling. It is beyond appreciated.
Enjoy your day.

Iris House Mom

 just wanted to say Thank You so much for sending Marleen to us on a Friday, it has worked out so well, Claude either does not work on a Friday or only half day depending on health, so we can both leave Matthew & go out for that time to just get a time out.
From Monday I start looking forward to the Friday to just not stress & worry & rush back home, Marleen being with us on a Friday from 12h00 to 16h00 means so much to me. Matthew is used to her & she handles him very well. So if I need to go to the doctor or any errands I do it on the Friday. Thank for giving this bit of Reprive, it means so much to me.
I have been to Nadine for a massage,she is awesome.
Thank you for your help, its so appreciated.
Iris House Parent

Sheila won a date with Tim Harris “the sexiest man in politics” at our 2014 Ball

I have been hunting the whole day for the correct words to thank you appropriately for my wonderful date and for a wonderful evening! But I’m afraid my “storage box” does not have sufficiently flowery words to say how very grateful I am for such a wonderful evening – so I’ll just say thank you most graciously – it was a wonderful evening and I feel extremely privileged to have been chosen for it! I wish that I could share with everyone that this is another thing that Iris House does – takes us parents to places where we probably would never have been! Besides, that is, what you do for the special kids! Bless you all!! It truly was a fantastic evening and I hope you raised stacks of moola!!!!!!

Sheila Belcher

Iris House Mom

Went to Cantina Tequila restaurant  last night with Elizabeth and Alamein. Was awesome. Great food and fantastic company. Thank you so much for my two amazing Iris House caregivers for looking after Joelene for a few hours so that I can relax and have a great evening. You guys rock my world. Iris House do incredible work for our angel children. Their volunteers are amazing

Jacqueline Du Preez

Iris House Mom

All of you do such great things for the community and our special angels may you grow form strength to strength. May our journey continue for years to come

Nawaal Davids

Iris House Mom

Thank you Iris House for having passionate, loving and patient carers. And a special thanks to Awongiwe who came to visit Malachi today. My son has never played or connected to a stranger the way he was with Awongiwe. I have never seen that bond with someone else and it was so beautiful to watch. He is even sleeping now because he’s tired of all the playing. Today we had our private/ home Occupational Therapist because what she was doing was the same as being with a therapist.

Thank you Iris House for bringing hope into our lives now we know that we have a very caring family outside of our home. I will always be grateful for everything that you have done and still going to do for my son ❤❤


Iris House Family

Good morning Shakira I just want to say thank you to everybody at Iris House I appreciate everything you did for Bradley special thanks to Sue have a marvellous Monday ❤


Iris House Family

Tersia Voget Huge Privilege to be part of the “Iris House-Family”! All of them are SO Loving,Caring and dedicated…Our Children are very Blessed (and the parents)to be part of such a supportive Organization. Thank you Sue and all your staff xoxoxo

Tersia Voget

Iris House Family

Iris house,I don’t know what to say????,Thank you so much guys for  nice goodies????????????, n the present,May God continue to bless all  the staff of Iris house. Zuki —


Iris House Mom

Thank u very much for the time effort and therapy my daughter is getting from ur caring staff not only staff but strangers thats becoming family and my daughters second mothers my daughter are very happy when she’s coming from the hospice and thank u very much cc I appreciate what u did very much

Tershia Louw

Iris House Mom

Hi Bukho’s mom here, I want to take this opportunity to thank Iris house for the gift and goodies most of all for the love and support you have given us for all these years, We appreciate each one of you, for all you have done and still continue doing for us and our kids. Thank you once again..🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️

Iris House Mom - Phindiwe


Let me take this opportunity too, to give many hands up, hugs, kisses, and more blessings from the above to the whole team work for iris house. You guys are doing wonders for our angel which is a part of healing to us as parents. You always have our courage and hope for the future. May thy mighty bless you all and happy Xmas end prosperity year to come in advance 💜

Iris House Mom



Iris House introduced the concept of a “Living Hospice”

Our aim is to create a support structure for our families both in the community by way of community sits and at our new hospice premises. Our vision is not that of traditional Hospice. We aim to provide a place where children are encouraged to reach their full potential, however limited that may be. We aim to make Iris House a place where children can attend day sessions, overnight care and short respite periods, a home away from home,
Using play therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, activity days, we aim to bring fun and laughter into the lives of our children.

Our care service is based around the needs of the whole family, so as well as caring for the child and young person, we plan activities for siblings and support for parents. Our services are free of charge as we believe quality care and respite is not a luxury for a select few but a necessity. We want to make a real difference to families who find themselves in unimaginable circumstances. Helping them live life to the full by providing opportunities for fun and laughter, as well as helping them through the tougher times.