Charity Number: 2011/004180/08 - NPO Number: 126-228 - PBO Number: 930043067 021 910 1578

Community Based Respite Care

Iris House provides free community-based respite care in 46 Communities:

In order to access our services, we first need you to register with Iris House. We will then conduct a full assessment of your needs and that of your child. Our professional care team managers will set up an appointment to meet with you and your child at a convenient time in the comfort of your home. The assessment will cover your practical needs as well as the medical needs of your child. We also conduct an environmental assessment on your home, checking things like water temperature, and the location of the fuse box. This is to ensure the safety of our carers and your child when a sit is in progress.

Once your needs have been established your care team manager will book sits for you with a suitable carer or carers. Please note the frequency of sits will depend on many factors:

Your current circumstances

Your child’s health

Availability of carers

Budget constraints

To register as an iris House family please call our office on 021 910 1578 or email