This Mandela Day you can make a difference in the life of a special needs child by supporting Iris House Children’s Hospice.


Show your support and caring this Mandela Day – 18th of July for the special needs children of Iris House Children’s Hospice. 

Iris House Children’s Hospice provides respite care, therapies, support, training, and supplies to life-limited and life-threatened special needs children and their families in the Western Cape.

You can make a difference this Mandela Day by making a donation, selecting an item from our needs lists, or adopting a project at our hospice.

Needs List

Disposable Gloves


Adult diapers – small and medium sizes


Hand sanitizer

Tinned Food


Boxed Milk



Toilet paper

Handy Andy

Floor Cleaner

Washing Powder

Sta soft



Our Mandela Day Projects

1. Paint murals on our hospice grounds walls – Items needed to complete the task – white paint for background –  purple/blue/green and yellow paint, paint brushes, thinners, masking tape, artistic flare – Size of Team suggested – This project will suit a team of 4 or more persons who are able to paint murals, PS we LOVE Superheros

2. Paint our stables – items needed to complete the task – cream or beige outdoor paint, paint brushes, rollers, thinners, masking tape  – This project will suit a team of 4 or more persons.

3. Update our sensory garden – Items needed to complete the task – plants, flowers with great smells, garden gnomes, ornaments, wind chimes, gardening equipment, and gloves. – This project will suit a team of six or more persons

To book your project please email

Thank you for caring.