Find a project that speaks to your company. Below the available projects is also our needs list with many items that are needed for our day-to-day and some additional items to assist us to maintain our property.


Mandela Day 18th July 2023 – Iris House Projects 


Sensory Garden revamp – +_ team of 8 people _ bring new plants/flowers – garden ornaments – wind chimes – 4 x color paints Blue / Green / Yellow / Purple to paint back wall of the garden (please bring your own rollers/brushes/turps etc) The back wall also need new large mirrors


Hospice Repairs – Repair / replace and fix worn window fittings (brass) and paint window frames and window ledges inside and out. team of 8 people – 4 x 4 x color paints Blue / Green / Yellow / Purple to paint window frames, (photos available)


 Wall Blackboard – purchase blackboard paint for our second playroom to apply on one of the walls for your children to draw on – 5lt blackboard paint/team of 2 people  (please bring your own rollers/brushes/turps etc)


Panel Heaters for hospice – our building is in need of 5 x wall heaters to be purchased and fitted – a team of 6 (2nd playroom, reception, leads office, sensory room, bedroom)


Stand Alone fish tank for reception area –   purchase fish tank, fish, lights, and accessories, and place it in our reception area – Donors’ names can go on a plaque above this


General Gardening at our hospice – the planting of new plants, weeding of beds,

team of 8 


Painting of exterior walls – a team of 8 – Purchase white exterior paint 20LT for walls (feel free to add murals if you have an artist on your team) (please bring your own rollers/brushes/turps etc)


New grazing paddock for our equine therapy horses – a team of 8 – 22 metal rods (to hold plastic horse fencing) 8 x gate clips – 400 cable ties – cementing of wooden corner support poles (we have these poles ) needed is cement to secure them.



Revamp our sandpit – a team of 6 – purchase new sand 200kg, new sandpit tools (buckets, spades, shapes, etc – Sand down wooden sandpit and reseal


Revamp our stables – a team of 8  – purchase 20lt beige paint – white paint for wooden doors painting  the area (please bring your own rollers/brushes/turps, etc)

THE COLLAR CLUB PROTECTIVE WORKSHOP (Also located on Stikland Estate – Bellville) 

Project for Plumbers –  a team of 4Fit a toilet, shower, and wash basin to our new bathroom at our Protective Workshop, we have built the room and concreted the floor, we also have the items mentioned above. What we need now is the professionals to connect everything up

Paint our walls – a team of 8 Paint the outside of The Collar Club walls and add some murals if you have an artist on your team purchase 20lt beige paint – color paint for cool murals (please bring your own rollers/brushes/turps, etc)

Wish List

Can of food (non-perishables)

20 XL nappies (med adult nappies)

Cooking oil

Milk / Sugar / Coffee

Black Bags

Sensory toys

Toilet paper

Disposable Gloves – medium

Sand Pit sand 200 kg

Cleaning products – jik / washing powder/ handy Andy/floor cleaner/window cleaner

Hand soaps (liquid)

Hand Towels, dishcloths, swabs

Power tools – jigsaw, skill saw, grinder, cordless drill, tool set

First aid box

Seedlings for the vegetable garden

Work boots size 3 / 7 / 8

Overalls S / M / L – 28cm / 32cm / 42cm

Gardening gloves medium x 10

Teff / Lucerne for our therapy horses and sheep (as many bales as possible )

Bedding (shavings) for our stables

Hay for our animals to sleep on

Chicken feed ( silky chickens x 6)

Rabbit feed (10 rabbits)

Sheep feed (2 sheep)

Horse feed (balance) (2 horses)

Laying pellets for our laying hens (we have 12)

Gas regulator/ hose/ gas bottle  (for our 2-plate gas stove)

UPS for our internet


The Collar Club Protective Workshop

Dog beds

Dog blankets

Camera system

Long metal pedestrian gate


Cleaning products – jik, vinegar, handy andy, dishwashing liquid