What we do - Our Nine pillars of service

Community Based Care

Community Based Care

Iris House provides free community-based respite care in 62 communities throughout the Western Cape. Our fully trained carers are dispatched to your home to care for your child for up to six hours. Allowing our parents time to relax, shop, and enjoy some much-needed downtime. We understand that caring for your special needs child is a 24/7 commitment and that having a break from a very demanding schedule is essential for our parents.

Hospice Respite Care

Our hospice offers free respite daycare sessions three times per week. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We also offer once-a-month Saturday half-day sessions. The hospice is managed by a registered nurse. Each child has their own carer and follows an individual care plan with a maximum of 6 children per session. We have two fully equipped playrooms, a sensory room, a sensory garden, a petting area, and two gorgeous therapy horses.

Family Support & Events

Iris House provides practical and emotional support for the whole family. Our social worker team facilitates regular support meetings for parents to allow them to express themselves in a safe, understanding environment. We also hold several events throughout the year at our hospice property where parents can interact with other families in a non-judgemental, caring space. Our events held at the hospice are always family-friendly. 

Parent,Carer training

Iris House provides free in-house training to parent carers and professional carers at our hospice learning center. We also offer medical training to parents facilitated by our hospice nurse and support team. Medical training is provided at our hospice and in the community. Carer training is free and a two-day course. Parent training happens at our quarterly parent support groups and also in the community.

Child Protection Agency

In 2020 Iris House Children’s Hospice was registered as a Child Protection Organisation by the Western Cape department of social development.  Our mandate is to facilitate the training of new and existing safety and foster parents to enable them to be able to care for special needs children who are at risk. We also offer ongoing training and in-home support for safety and foster parents of special needs children. All of the above services are free.

GBVF Project

In 2022 Iris House Children’s Hospice was selected by the nation GBVF relief fund to create a model ALL ability Victim Support unit at a SAPS station. Also to create training manuals and implement training for first responders, SAPS officers, and Prosectors on how to interview, communicate, and ultimately gain meaningful statements from GBVF victims with disabilities. The first ALL Ability victim support unit was opened by Premier Winde on the 6th of May 2022. Training has also already begun.

Palliative Care

At Iris House, our palliative care team plays a critical role in providing compassionate support to our children during their end-of-life journey. Palliative care is an integral part of our commitment to ensuring the comfort, dignity, and quality of life for our precious little ones and their families during this challenging time. When a child is facing end of life, our palliative care team steps in to offer comprehensive, holistic support.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy offers a unique and powerful way for special needs children to engage in therapeutic activities that promote physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Interacting with horses can have a profound impact on their well-being, helping them build self-confidence, improve communication skills, develop trust, and enhance their overall motor skills. The rhythmic motion of horseback riding stimulates sensory integration and coordination, while the connection and bond formed between the child and the horse foster emotional growth and social interaction. 

Aqua Therapy

At Iris House, we are delighted to offer two exceptional therapeutic programs: adaptive surf and heated pool aqua therapy. These activities play a vital role in the well-being and development of the children we serve. Adaptive surf therapy allows our children to experience the exhilaration and freedom of riding waves, while heated pool aqua therapy provides a soothing and supportive environment for their physical and emotional growth. 

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