Having a special needs child is “special” to say the least. Whilst the child deals with whatever challenges he or she may have, their parents have huge challenges to ensure that the child receives the best possible treatment during their life-threatened or life-limited existence. Just like any parent, the parent of a special needs child wants to offer the child all that is needed to be warm, safe, comfortable, and secure, as well as healthy and happy, etc.
Most probably the most difficult situation we find ourselves in is to find competent people to care for our children. As much as we are devoted to these little people, we do need a break sometimes, either for important appointments, or simply to spend time with our partners or other children, without being distracted by the needs of the special needs child.
This is where Iris House comes into play! They have a team of dedicated and trained care-givers in whom we have full confidence to take care of our son’s needs in our absence. Not only that, there are many exciting and enjoyable events for the whole family throughout the year. Sue and Iris House refuse to accept any payment for their services and rely wholly on donations and government grants, to enable them to offer us this service. They are also completely informed regarding the needs of a family as a whole, and unlike others, one doesn’t need to explain the whole process (again!!) when arranging anything, it’s all understood!!!
The assessment is done professionally; the child’s file is updated periodically, etc. so everything is very professional, however with a sense of true caring and loving!!
The best words I heard coming out of Sue’s mouth was when I asked at what age would my son be “too old” for Iris House, since it is a children’s hospice, and he’s getting older now, and her answer was “I’ll decide that”, with an very obvious conviction that it wasn’t going to be soon!! Great relief on our side. We love the “time off” sessions and Ruan just adores the ladies, and for someone who can’t speak, has no problem in telling me, when they arrive, to “go” in “Ruan-speak”!!
We are extremely grateful for the services offered by Iris House and their wonderful staff and trust that when you read or hear about Iris House you will support them fully in whichever way you can – they DO make a huge difference in our lives – your donations are truly going to where they were intended!!!!
Herman, Sheila and Ruan Belcher